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Adventure Wagon - $70,000

2016 - 144WB High Roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500

1,000 Miles

This van has been partially built out.  Ideal for the DIYer that is looking to add their own customizations.  It still needs a kitchen and the electrical system need to be finished before it is ready for the road.


The van has an Adventure Wagon Interior kit and bed installed.  Includes 3 layers of insulation, modular wall system, Moab adjustable bed, Mule storage lockers, electrical wiring, lights, 12v outlets, USB outlets, and two ceiling fans.  

We have added a custom bench seat to accommodate 2 more passengers.  This bench seat also folds into a bed and has front and rear storage areas.

Solar panels have been installed on the roof and all electrical is run to one spot for an easy finish to the electronics.

Diesel heater, wheel well covers, custom floor, and aftermarket windows have been installed.