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The TK Van Kitchen is the perfect complement to your campervan interior kit. Prepare gourmet meals inside your van or, when the weather's nice, remove the detachable camp kitchen box and take the whole kitchen outdoors. Take a hot shower, wash the dishes, and drink clean filtered water on-the-go. Store all your kitchen gear and cooking accessories in one convenient place. Power electrical appliances and charge USB devices. #VanLife doesn't get better than this!



The TK Van Kitchen is a complete water system and indoor-outdoor cooking system for DIY campervan conversions. Combining a 14 gallon, marine grade water system with our portable sink-stove unit gives you everything you need to cook and clean in a compact and space efficient package. Cook inside the van or pull the removable cook station from its base and set it up anywhere outside. The sprayer/faucet is easily usable outside of the van, and with the optional hot water heater, hot showers and hot water for cleanup are available on-demand. See the Camp Kitchen with Stove for more information on the removable kitchen pod which organizes all of your utensils and camping gear in one place. Everything you need to cook is always at hand.

33.0 x 17.0 x 40.5 (T x D x W, inches) - complete unit
21.3 x 16.9 x 28.3 (T x D x W, inches) - removable camp kitchen
115 lbs installed, 145 lbs shipped

Trail Kitchen - Van Kitchen

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